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Why do you need to back up your websites? Running a website has been simplified much more than before? Even if you’re newbie, you don’t need to learn much to become an expert to manage your pages. But the great development of technology also puts more risk into your way. So that’s reason why you always need a plan B for your sites. A lot of things can happen to your sites if you let it unprotected. Hacked, virus, deleted, broken, … and so many reasons no one can imagine. So in this SiteSync Review, I’ll help you find a way out in case you site got into a mess.

SiteSync Review – Overview

Vendor: Neil Napier & Paul Blitz

Product: SiteSync

Launch Date: 22nd May 2017

Launch Time: 11:00 EDT

Front – End Price: Only $27

Sales Page: Click here!

Niche: Website Security

Recommend: Highly Recommended

What Is SiteSync?

sitesync review

SiteSync is a cloud-based software on web protection. This app allows you to backup and restores your sites to keep it safe. Your sites always have to deal with dangers when staying online on this massive social media, so this app will be the shield for its vulnerability.

In my SiteSync Review, you’ll see this excellent software offers you the protection for multiple sites with the complete backup. What makes it even better is it’s totally a SaaS app, which means you can check and backup your sites anywhere with Internet access.

The Great Features and Benefits of SiteSync

In my SiteSync Review, to make you understand it better, I’ll show you some of the key features of this app:

  • Friendly interface easy to use for low-tech user
  • Huge space of 50 GB offered for you to store all your necessary information
  • Complete backup for WP plugins platform
  • Offer the backup for FTP, HTML, and PHP platform
  • Set up the checking schedule for your sites
  • With the upgraded packages, you can even enlarge the space and share the management for your partners
  • No high-tech skills required
  • Good customer support for any help you need
  • Quickly and easily back up your sites all by clicking
  • Fully could-based to connect flexible with an Internet connection!

How Does It Work?

sitesync review

If you already know, how dangerous and risky Internet your sites are facing against, you’ll think it must be complicated to make a backup. However, prevention is better than cure so don’t be down-hearted. In my SiteSync Review, you’ll be surprised that this app is easy to use within a simple process.

  • Firstly, log into SiteSync. After your purchase is confirmed, you’ll receive your username and password to log into Site Sync.

When you’re there, the dashboard will show you all the necessary data: the number of FTP, WP, and plugins uploaded, including manually.

  • Then, upload your sites. Click “Backup your website” button to start backup your sites. After clicking, you’ll be moved to the adding site section.

Click on the plus sign to add your site. A section will pop up with step by step process.

At the General tab, you have the options WP plugins or FTP. You also see the download and install link and the hash IP of your sites. Remember to make sure the hash is updated in your setting section.

Click “Check” and wait for the system validating your site. When it finishes, click “Next” to move on.

  • Finally, set up your checking frequency. At the Recurrency tab, you’ll choose how often your site is backed up. It may depend on you, and you can change it later so don’t worry.

So, this process is so easy, right? Just with clicks you can backup your sites and restore it later. I’ll enclose here in this Sitesync Review the link of the demo video if you still have questions:

Visit its sales page HERE!

Who Should Use It?

sitesync review

I have to say, this app isn’t too complicated or expensive for any particular users. So if you’re running your websites without protection, this software will be a good choice for your safety. Even though you use WP or HTML, FTP websites, you’re free to go with this app.

Price and Conclusion

The front-end for SiteSync now is $27 with the basic pack of backing up 5 sites maximum. You can choose the package at $37 for 50 sites maximum. And with the Videosync package with $30 extra, you can back up your whole YouTube channels with high videos. So feel free to make your right choice. This app is optimized for your best use.


Generating and storing your website is never a question why but which method you should use. So I hope in my SiteSync Review, you can find the perfect choice to keep your sites safe. And see you later!

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